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Thoughtful Packaging

We believe that you shouldn’t have to pay a premium price for a premium product that is a daily necessity and unfortunately, packaging costs (necessary evil) need to be factored in.

Ordinary plastic packaging can take up to 400 years to degrade and is harmful when littered or disposed of incorrectly due to its effect on wildlife and the environment. For this reason, we try our best to limit our use of any plastic packaging to only where it is essential for product safety or where the alternative will result in adding an overly inflated cost to the product, making it unaffordable for our customers.

As a manufacturer of premium “better for your body, better for the planet and better for your budget” products, we are dedicated to making high-quality products that are natural, safe & reliable, eco-friendly and affordable.

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Happy Little Camper diapers, Veeda period care pads, and incontinence pads & underwear are wrapped in sustainable plastic packaging that can be recycled after use.

By creating packaging that is recyclable, we are contributing to a circular economy.

In a circular economy process, materials are kept within the economy once the product reaches the end of its life. Once our products have been used, the packaging can be placed into a recycling bin for collection where it will then be used to manufacture new plastic bottles, containers and durable plastics. 

The use of recyclable packaging, if disposed of correctly, can contribute to a sustainable and circular economy.

There is often a public misconception that using plastic packaging is more harmful to the environment than paper packaging. However, paper bags use significantly more resources to produce, are harder to recycle, contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and have a limited recyclable lifespan. Plastic packaging can be harmful when littered or disposed of incorrectly as it harms wildlife and the environment. If disposed correctly, they are a safe and reusable resource.

Where we are using plastic packaging, we’re investing in more sustainable alternatives:

d2w® oxo biodegradable plastic packaging

Our Veeda pads packaging uses 40% recycled materials and incorporates d2w® technology, which turns ordinary plastic at the end of its useful life, in the presence of oxygen, into a material with a different molecular structure. The plastic degrades and then biodegrades (no matter where it is - it does not need a biologically active environment to start degrading) leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues. This process of oxo-biodegradation breaks down the plastic into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, thus avoiding pollution and damage to the environment and wildlife.

I’m green PE Bag Wrap (>51% Biobased verified by ASTM D6866)

Packaging for our Veeda incontinence pads & underwear, and Happy Little Camper diapers ranges are “I'm green”, bio-based and made from ethanol sugarcane, a renewable resource. I’m green represents a better use of natural resources and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

When I’m green bio-based polyethylene reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled just like conventional polyethylene.

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