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NIOSH N95 Folded (40 Count Box)

NIOSH N95 Folded (40 Count Box)

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PERFECT PROTECTION—This NIOSH approved respirator mask is a testament to the quality and reliability of personal protective equipment (NIOSH Approval Number: TC-84A-7638). It provides at least 95% filtration efficiency and reliable breathing protection against aerosols free of oil and/or non-volatile liquid particles.


EASY TO BREATHE—Our premium filter material provides extremely low breathing resistance and full protection to the wearer for at least 8 hours.


EXCELLENT FIT—The adjustable nosepiece is made of durable aluminum and can be shaped easily along your nose bridge to prevent leakage and eyewear fogging. The high elasticity head-straps ensure a tight and secure seal.


SOFT & COMFORTABLE—The softness of the surface material gives you a first class experience, and the inner urethane foam gives greater comfort to those who wear it throughout the day.


USE FOR—Medical Setting Personal Protection, Construction, Home Improvement, Cleaning, Mowing, Gardening, and DIY Projects. BULK CASE PACK Quantity of 40 M/L Size Individual Makrite SEKURA-N95 Respirator Masks. (The minimum order is one case.)

  • Packaging Size

    Carton size:  41.5 * 30 * 38.5 cm

    480 Pieces Per Carton

    12 Box Per Carton

    40 Pieces Per Box

  • FDA No


  • Testing Report

    NIOSH N95 Report

  • Trademark Name & Serial Number



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