AirQueen Nano N95 Mask (Case of 400)

AirQueen Nano N95 Mask (Case of 400)


Easy-to-breathe face mask with exceptional filter. Nano fibers are only one nanometer in thickness and offer better permeability, blockability and durability than any fiber ever invented. Our face masks are suitable for adults and children. Widely used in hospitals, when travelling through congested airports, bus terminals, malls, parks and busy city streets.


LONG LASTING FRESHNESS: Nanofiber Filter has great permeability so you can feel fresh even after a long-term use.


EXCELLENT FILTERING: Nanofiber smart Filter block pollutants and enables easier breathing. The mask has a stronger filtering effect and is more breathable. It can protect and completely block out the nose and mouth from aerosols, liquid splashes, dust, automobile exhaust, and pollen.


SKIN-FRIENDLY: If you care about your skin, permeability is even more important. If a mask has bad permeability, the moisture from within cannot escape, which causes eczema. Our masks have no dyes, no chemicals, and are extremely gentle to the skin.


LIGHTWEIGHT: Lighter than a sheet of paper so you won’t even realize you are wearing it. A sheet of paper is 4.72 grams and our mask is 3.71grams.


3D ERGONOMIC DESIGN: One size fits all. Simply place the loops around your ears and cover your nose and mouth for full coverage when coughing or sneezing. Individually wrapped for easy carrying and using.




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