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Tackling Period Poverty

Cloths, rags, toilet paper and tissues are often used by women that don’t have access to or can’t afford sanitary products monthly, which can have a direct negative impact on women’s health as well as their ability to live their lives normally.

The impact of period poverty, particularly in young women is far reaching. If a girl misses a week of school each month due to the stigma and physical necessity of not having access to suitable sanitary products, her education is compromised, thus impacting her future. A recent Australian study found that more than one third of young women missed at least one class either at school or university, in the previous 3 months due to menstrual symptoms.

Adrian Forsyth, Naturalena Brands’ Co-Founder and Director believes that “as period poverty is a solvable issue, having access to period products should not be seen as life changing, it should be a standard right for all women.”

Naturalena Brands believes in a world where everyone has access to menstrual products and resources to uphold the health and dignity that we all deserve. We aim to aid women and children both in our local communities and globally where needed. Period poverty is a serious global issue that can be supported by donations, education, and awareness. Our Mission is to create a world where young girls and women are not disadvantaged by the natural process of menstruation; and can access and enjoy all opportunities available in an unhindered healthy way; to deliver greater equality, opportunity and wellbeing for not only young girls and women, but society as whole.

Since the inception of our brands, we have always been committed to charitable giving. The Naturalena Foundation has donated millions of 100% Natural Cotton products from our brands: Veeda and Happy Little Camper.

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