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Naturalena Brands partners with Alibaba

Naturalena Brands partners with Alibaba to distribute natural personal care products B2B in China

With 30,000 points of distribution in over 25 countries, Naturalena Brands continually seeks to build new partnerships with companies across the globe. Recent expansion efforts  solidified a new strategic partnership with the China and USA divisions of, China’s largest and fastest-growing B2B e-commerce site.

At an annual revenue over $39.9 billion U.S. dollars, CEO Jack Ma, has taken Alibaba to new heights and through this partnership, Naturalena Brands is positioned for unprecedented growth. The opportunity and decision for Naturalena Brands to align with Alibaba is a gateway for massive expansion into China which is as one of the world’s largest manufacturing economy and exporter of goods.

A company with Australian roots, Naturalena Brands’ products are thoughtfully and ethically designed in USA and manufactured in FDA-approved facilities in Europe adhering to the strictest guidelines. Ultra-absorbent, hypoallergenic, non-GMO and eco-friendly natural products offered through Alibaba include Veeda natural cotton feminine care including tampons, pads, liners and intimate wipes with light and bladder leak control incontinence products in Q1 2019.

For the Happy Little Camper brand, natural baby diapers and wet wipes are available along with a line of infant-friendly natural skin care coming soon to include shampoo, body wash, lotion, bubble bath and diaper cream. GO Protein Water rounds out the family of brands and is a uniquely formulated 4-in-1 whey protein isolate hydration drink with a full line of flavorful high-performance functional beverage launch to follow. All products will be available on beginning in 2019 in bulk quantities at wholesale prices.

This new business relationship with Alibaba is another successful benchmark in the company’s mission to provide natural personal care products consisting of non-harmful ingredients. As an eco-conscious, safe and premium consumer goods products company, Naturalena Brands prides itself on making their products affordable and available to consumers everywhere by successfully establishing positive business partnerships with companies, such as Alibaba, around the world.

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