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Improving the lives of Australians facing hardship

11,280 bottles of Veeda hand sanitiser donated to Australian charity FareShare

For 20 years FareShare has been rescuing quality food and cooking it into nutritious meals for people doing it tough.

FareShare’s healthy, delicious, cooked meals are distributed free to hundreds of front-line charities such as soup vans, homeless shelters, women’s refuges and community food banks, supporting those experiencing hardship and unable to afford or cook nutritious food.

Both our mental and physical health are often compromised when faced with food insecurity, and for many, it is a sad reality that a FareShare meal will be their only meal of the day.

Australians waste an average of 102 kg of food every year whilst millions in our community experience food insecurity. FareShare tackles this head on by rescuing surplus, quality food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses that would otherwise go to waste. This helps keep food out of landfill and avoid greenhouse pollution.

Here at Naturalena Brands, we believe we can change the world by helping families across the globe and creating a positive impact on our communities. Our Natural products are plant-based, eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals, which means they are not only better for you, but also better for the planet.

Whilst we’re proud to have been able to support FareShare with this donation, increasing awareness of the millions of Australians doing it tough can help make the difference for charities such as FareShare, to continue supporting those experiencing hardship.

Visit for more information or to support FareShare.

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