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Helping Australian families in crisis

725 packets of Happy Little Camper 100% natural cotton wipes donated to Australian charity Baby Give Back.

Baby Give Back is a Queensland charity passionate about helping vulnerable babies, children and families in our community. They work tirelessly to help families in crisis as they believe that every child should have an equal start in life. As a charity, they collect, sort and safety check donated items to distribute to families in need with the help of case and social workers. They provide customised support to each family based on their circumstances and needs to ensure that they are building a sustainable and safe community where they can offer judgement free support to babies, children, and families.

Here at Naturalena Brands, we believe that we can change the world by helping families across the globe and creating a positive impact on our communities. Our Natural Baby Care products are plant-based, eco-friendly and free from harmful chemicals, which means they are not only better for babies, but also better for the planet.

Whilst we know that this donation will go some way towards helping Queensland families in crisis, there’s still room to offer further support to those who may be struggling. By increasing awareness around this topic, we hope that we can make a difference for charities such as Baby Give Back to continue supporting Queensland families facing crisis. Visit more information or to support Baby Give Back.

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