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CBME Shanghai 2019

As Naturalena Brands continues to grow our distribution worldwide, we’re constantly seeking new opportunities. Last week we attended CBME (Children, Baby, Maternity Expo), in Shanghai, China. Happy Little Campers presence at the biggest baby trade show in the world, solidifies our position as a market leader, in the natural goods space, not only in the US, but globally.

Showcasing primarily, our Happy Little Camper range of Natural cotton diapers and baby wipes, we also introduced global distributors to our 100% Natural Cotton Feminine Hygiene range of Tampons and Pads, Veeda. We also announced our brand Organic Infant Formula, launching in Quarter Four 2020. Our formula will be made in Australia, sourced from only Free Range Cattle, in Victoria. Throughout the week we had many successful meetings with distributors and store owners not only from China, but Australia and Europe. There was significant interest across the entire Naturalena Brands product family and we're excited to pursue new opportunities in Asia and beyond.

Our key learning from the week, was the importance of being on the ground in China, in order to understand and service the needs of the Chinese consumer. We’re hiring a number of roles for our office in Shanghai, as we continue to expand our multiple office locations throughout the world. (email for more information)

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